Friday, June 19, 2009

My year in music

Music has always been a huge part of my life...every year I do a soundtrack

here's the latest one.


An old but funny story...

A good friend passed yesterday so I'm comforting myself with revisiting some happy memories...
let me tell you a story that kind of sums up how my life tends to go.

This is from a year or so ago when I was still an ad monkey for a small paper rather than a free-range monkey.. I call it.

Dim Sum, Incense and sex toys....

I work a strange and interesting schedule....and frequently live in strange and interesting times tooOn fridays I work a 12 hour day - I'm a graphic designer Friday is when we put the paper to bed, get paid, and get flooded with last minute ads. Fridays are always extra special.Since I work a long day, I take a long late lunch....usually I run errands but every now and then I manage to catch lunch with a very dear friend who I have the good grace to work with. Jay's one of my favorite people - he's one of those friends that I count on when things are bad and cherish when things are good. He has the uncanny ability to turn just about anything into fun. He's another artist and a damned fine one.This past friday we got to do the lunch thing together - always exciting - doubly so this time because I've found another little hole in the wall vietnamese place that's cheap. Cheap asian food without MSG in it is a wonderful thing. This place is extra fabulous because they're family run, only about a mile from work and they have an enormous menu that includes Dim Sum. If you've never had good Dim Sum -find a place and try them. Done right they're a real treat.This restaurant is on pleasantburg - right across from Taco Casa and next door to a funky little body piercing and headshop called Up In Smoke.Well--- Jay and I had a lovely leisurely lunch of Dimsum, spring rolls and pho. We still had some time left so I decided it'd be great to wander next door and pick up some incense - I was out of Nag Champa.So away we went....Merrily running our mouths the whole time.Well....Up In Smoke also has an "adults only" side room. When we wandered through the door and after I'd grabbed my incense....the two of us couldn't resist the lure of the beaded curtain. Much hilarity insued.I've come to the conclusion that I'm very vanilla....and that the human race is with out a doubt incredibly inventive and possibly more than a little bit bent.Jay and I wandered around the little side room, alternating between howls of laughter and head tilted now how is that appealing expressions. He got particularly tickled by the fact that there was a whole section of discount Gay Porn by a company called Bob Jones Industries ( there's a local Fundy Baptist college called Bob Jones University) I got a bad case of the giggles over a product called Don Wand - use your'll figure it out.Much silly fun insued then I decided what the hell it's just Jay ...he's known me for years and we have very few secrets - and I really did need a replacement silver bullet - google it- and if you're one. god bless technology. (oh what?! yes I masturbate, it's the ultimate in safe sex and I *always* respect myself in the morning) . Now....the shop had been completely empty....but the second I picked up my purchase and started out the naughty room door half the known world decided that they simply had to have clove ciggy's, incense and piercings. I had a choice..I could either put it back and go out empty handed and possibly suffer lesser blushing or I could balls it out.I ballsed it out. I pasted my very best bland calm expression on and wandered on up to the counter, and plunked the little shiny packet up next to my incense.Wouldn't you know it...I get the chatty clerk from hell "Oh my god! My girlfriend loves those.have you tried one before?""why yes...yes I have...thanks for asking. She's absolutely right they're superb" I gave him the ol' raised eyebrow and the cool well modulated phone voice. [I could hear giggles from Jay - they got a bit more pronounced as my checkout turned in to a game of 20 questions ]The moral of this particular tale.......go out for dimsum and incense but buy your vibrators online.